About us



Craftlits, is a startup company based in beautiful sunny California. Our e-store is a shopping destination for Offices, Schools, DIY enthusiasts , Artists , Crafters  and anyone looking to fulfil their shopping list for their next big project.

Our goal and vision is beyond selling and promoting the best value products in the market, we believe there is room and a need for us to become a platform  you can shop, learn, and discover in. We believe every genre of life uses creativity and hope to provide products that are universally adaptable for the creative soul. It doesn't matter if you're in an office, a classroom, a crafting room or an engineer, Craftlits might just have what you're looking for.

Our founders believe God has universally gifted each and everyone of us unique talents equally praiseworthy and admirable without prejudices on his / hers position in life. We believe in diversity and its creative impact. We believe that good products do not need to carry a high price tag, We believe there is a symbiotic relationship within a business and their consumers and seek to be a company that stimulates the growth of each individual.

Why shop at Craftlits ?

Shopping at enables our customers to discover fantastic products that fit their unique style. 

We reduce time by eliminating multiple store trips. Thus saving thousands of hours collectibly spent every month at a local level but millions at national scale, time resources that could be utilized for personal growth!. 

We only feature Top hit-brands, and Highly trusted Products that provide value to our customers.